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Place-making: Where do we see Beauty in the city?

       A dialogue convened recently at OCAD Universtiy in Toronto,Ontario focused around the question; Where do we see beauty in the city?  A tantalizing question indeed! Michael Jones, guest for the evening has given the question much thought as revealed in his new insightful book, The Soul of Place:Re-imagining Leadership Through Nature, Art and Community. Musing on this question in the Allan Lamport Galleria in Brookfield Place, sometimes called the "the crystal cathedral of commerce" I was touched by the beauty of the architecture of this magnificent

connecting 4 community

May 27,2013
                      CONNECTING 4 COMMUNITY
                                April 24-26, 2013


May 26, 2013
                                    The New Narrative
                           Evolve, Expand, Emerge
When I think about the world we are living in today and what the twentieth century has left for my grandchildren I ponder on what  wisdom can be given them to encourage them on their journey?

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Place-making: Where do we see Beauty in the city?
connecting 4 community


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