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     Marsha Skain ....  
Integral companioning in support of Leadership inside out is to walk with another or others in focused conversation to discern what it means to become an integrated person and thus an integrated leader.

In short, good leaders must have a certain capacity  for non-duality thinking, a tolerance  for ambiguity, an ability to hold creative tension toward a Third Way of knowing - the mystical way.
In the world today, we can be forgiven if we have trouble understanding where we fit let alone if we fit at all as a new cosmology leaves us to question our place in the universe. In an evolving narrative much of what we thought to be so is being called into question.  Conversations integrating science and religion are opening up toward a "not yet" future. 
Integral theorist Ken Wilber states that the future goes beyond what went before, but because it must embrace what went before, then its very nature is to transcend and include, and thus it has an inherent depth, intrinsic value, increasing consciousness. Therefore, he says that the mystic comes to a new integrated level of wholeness, a consciousness of being, a unity consciousness embraced by the whole and thus an ever expanding desire for wholeness.
It is not surprising then that unpredictability and uncertainty of an unknown future can leave us fearful and out of control in many aspects of our lives.  It is to this concern that we will be in conversation with others on their journey. Beautiful questions will be our guide.



Bridget's cross in overlaying the spiral towards unity consciousness - a symbol of the integrated, vertical and horizontal dimensions of what it means to become a human being.

Disappointments embraced are gifts to be unwrapped....."Embracing suffering for the sake of justice requires solidarity in a community of practice, to enable grieving, to create relationships, to hold the Open Space essential for discerning right action."

                 Perhaps the
               secret of living well
                    is not in
              having all the answers
                  but in pursuing
            unanswerable questions
                in good company.
                 ~Rachel Naomi Remen
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