Aslan Counseling - Spiritual Companioning
Marsha Skain RN. M.Div. D.Min
In this era of transition Dr. Marsha Skain brings warmth, compassion and years of experience in a variety of settings to her role of integrative companion. 

After achieving a Masters of Divinity and CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) training in hospital chaplaincy  Marsha embarked on a twelve year career in hospital chaplaincy in Toronto, ON.

During her hospital career, Marsha participated in a restructuring  initiative in Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, a large teaching hospital. The intention of the project was to shift a paternalistic care model to a model based on patient-centred care.  This project, which formed part of her doctoral thesis, shaped her thinking and evoked her passion for broader organizational and community change.

Marsha became aware of the importance of personal development for those in the workplace as this inquiry unfolded.  Her energy continues to flow toward folks interested in integration of both personal and professional growth as it did in her hospital ministry.

Upon retiring from hospital ministry, Marsha provided pastoral ministry for the United Church in Gravenhurst, Ontario.  In this position she set up an innovative pastoral care program where she ministered to an older congregation. During time, Marsha founded a chaplaincy program for Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare which continues today. Marsha also served five years as a director on Palliative Care Network for Simcoe Muskoka Local Integrated Health Network while maintaining a small counseling practice - Aslan Counseling. 

Inspired by a sense of a new narrative emergent in our world and an understanding of our place in it, Marsha is moving toward the possibilities of the coming interspiritual age, and an alternative orthodoxy.  
Aslan Counseling is named for Aslan in the C.S. Lewis book, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  When my three eldest grandaughters and I watched the movie together we were enchanted with Aslan's story of transformation.  I named my ministry in their honour.

The human community and the natural world will go into the future as a single sacred community or we will all perish in the desert.
                                          Thomas Berry


 Hildegard of Begin 1089 - 1179
The fire of God's love runs through
the world and its beauties, constantly
re-enlivening the cosmos as a miracle
of perfection.  Green roots, seed time,
flowering, and beauty are essential
aspects of nature's radiant
substance.  "Every creature

possesses some part of this 

Divine illumination, which is exhibited 

in its greeness, budding, and 

blossoming, and in the beauty of its 

being!  Otherwise it could not exist as  
part of creation."
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