Aslan Counseling - Spiritual Companioning
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Dr. Marsha Skain
289 983-7554
Marsha invites anyone interested and open to exploring the deeper questions... of personal development to be in conversation on a one to one basis or through group conversations as requested.
Conversations can be face to face, by phone, skype or in other places as desired.
Most people find a conversation once a month is enough and others may find they would like to be in conversation more often.
Groups can be arranged as interest is expressed.
One example might be "Midwives of an Unnamed Future."
Groups are usually bimonthly and can be quite invigorating and refreshing. The location can be in an agreed to setting.

Marsha lives in Burlington, Ontario

                                     We might say that we are into a
                                     phase of birthing the new
                                     structure of the planet earth.

                                     We ourselves need to be reborn.
                                     the earth needs to be reborn.

                                     We are in the process.
                                     It is our historical role.

                                                                                         Thomas Berry        
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